Global Reach

INTERVENT is a truly global lifestyle management and chronic disease risk reduction company. We've worked "on the ground" in countries on most continents and learned that U.S.-centric materials and approaches only work in the U.S.A. Our unique experiences have prepared us to assist clients in today's global marketplace.

Global capabilities include:
  • Health risk assessment questionnaire, self-help lifestyle management programs and telephonic lifestyle health coaching programs modified for use in multiple foreign countries (not U.S. centric)
  • Tailored questions and reports based on the use of the metric system and other attributes
  • Special/customizable risk stratification and program referral system
  • Health risk assessment participant reports that are culturally sensitive and more appropriate for global use
  • Culturally sensitive education modules for use as part of the health risk assessment and the self-help programs and telephonic health coaching programs that are appropriate for global audiences
  • Special education modules that address lifestyle management and risk reduction issues for global audiences
  • Utilization of language tables integral to the INTERVENT database to facilitate translation of the health risk assessment and all lifestyle management and risk reduction program materials into multiple languages
  • Modified participant outreach and engagement communications (including certain automated e-mails and health tips) that are culturally sensitive and appropriate for global use
  • Use of country-specific evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Inclusion of country- and client-specific cultural sensitivity training into the training program for outreach/activation staff and lifestyle health coaches
  • Successful provision of telephonic health coaching services from the U.S. for participants residing in other countries
  • Training programs for outreach, enrollment and lifestyle health coach staff located in countries outside the U.S.
  • Development of an approach to facilitate the provision of lifestyle health coaching by staff located in countries outside the U.S.
  • Development of techniques to permit use of the client's global fulfillment and shipping processes to facilitate better participant service
  • Customization of analytics and reporting capabilities to allow group reporting for global business units
  • Development of approaches to facilitate nicotine replacement therapy fulfillment for U.S.- and internationally-based employees
  • Country-specific pre-implementation situation analysis process